I have had the immense privilege of teaching aerial performance fitness to students of all ages and abilities for the last four years.  It has truly been the greatest gift ever!  A gift that keeps enfolding more riches each and every day…

I discovered Aerial Arts and Fitness in 2002. I was 36 at the time, and my oldest daughter Alexandra who was a feisty and enthusiastic 5 year old, attended her first FOCUSFish Circus Camp at the Lycée International of Los Angeles.

A giant circus tent was raised on our school soccer field for a week of absolute bliss for eighty elementary school children.

Friday was SHOW day and I was awed by what my daughter and the other children had accomplished with barely a week of training.  The little girl in her Paris backyard who had dreamed of dizzying circus performances was ready to play once again!

I was overjoyed to learn from FOCUSfish founder Kristy Beauvais that they offered adult classes, though it did take me about six months to conquer my fear of heights and sign up for my first 6 week session. 

I was hooked!

That first trapeze class was both fiercely humbling — I could  not even do a single pull up — and insanely empowering!  I fell in love not only with aerial arts,  but the empowering performance fitness culture I discovered at FOCUSfish. Motherhood and a demanding business  meant my training was anything but consistent and after 18 months of on and off classes, and a new little bundle of joy, my aerial training was indefinitely put on hold. 

I understood the unique benefits of aerial training, however,  and knew I would find a way to make it a more permanent part of my life somehow.

I maintained a close friendship with Kristy and began assisting her with specialty camps for autistic children and children dealing with chronic and terminal illnesses. Through these workshops I have witnessed time and again the therapeutic nature of aerial arts and fitness. 

I also discovered I had a gift for teaching.

When my youngest daughter began training regularly with FOCUSfish, I jumped back into training as well, and in 2014, after assisting Kristy for many years, I began teaching beginner classes. Four years later I am now one of the lead aerial instructors for FOCUSfish. I have left the hectic and demanding world of production to devote myself fully to fitness.

2018 finds Kristy and I embarking on an exciting journey together with the launch of AIRabesque, an aerial performance fitness program for people of all ages and ability.  AIRabesque offers fitness professionals ready to take their fitness to new heights, the opportunity to become certified instructors and receive continuing education credits though ACE, AFAA and NASM.