Simply Scrumptious Cookbook Series

Valerie is the author of a wonderful cookbook series aimed at busy moms who want to feed their families wholesome, homemade meals but are pressed for time.

Simply Scrumptious Quiches and Salads, the first book in the series,  is currently available on Amazon Kindle.  Two more titles in the series will be available fall and winter 2014.

I Simply Love It!

It’s as if I’m standing in the kitchen with Valerie. The recipes are crystal clear in presentation. I so appreciate the consistent attention to true quality ingredients, not to mention, intriguing and creative ingredient choices. Valerie is sensitive, responsive, and informative to issues such as organic, gluten free, and GMO free. The result for me is colorful and fascinating recipes I look forward to preparing, sharing, and eating.”

~ Thomas Jacobson

Yum, Yum, Yummmy, with Gluten Free Options

I love cooking, and quiche. I’m gluten intolerant, and I’m so excited to see gluten free crust options. I can’t wait to try the Smoked Salmon, Zucchini and Buckwheat crust quiche. These recipes are laid out in an easy to read format. The instructions are simple and the recipes and you can whip these up in a flash. This is the perfect book for a Sunday brunch! Get out the fancy plates and the party hats, because after you make these recipes there will be a party in your mouth!”

~ Deana Venus

Awesome and Different

I always prefer cooking for my family so that I actually know what’s on the food we eat.  This book doesn’t only come with recipes but vauable tips on choosing healthy, non-toxic ingredients that’s good for you. I cannot wait to start making these delicious looking quiches!”

~ Amie Cullen

The Freshman 15 Survival Guide

Valerie understands how challenging it is for college freshman to maneuver all the demands of “life-ob-their-own” and remain healthy. As a mother of a soon-to-be college freshman she also appreciates a mother’s desire to empower her children to establish a solid, healthy foundation during that most important first year, and set themselves up for success far beyond their college years.

The Freshman 15 Survival Guide, co-authored with Anne Newsome,  provides solid tips without being overwhelming to support college students in making healthy choices and bring moms everywhere peace of mind. The book includes a wonderful selection of easy-to-make healthy recipes to support students in their commitment to staying lean and healthy.


A Must Buy For Your Freshmen!

If you’re headed off to your first year of college (or the second, third or fourth for that matter) make sure you have this little gem of a book downloaded on your Kindle or iPad before you leave. Filled with great tips and recipes that will help you control your weight and be healthier as you start your new college lifestyle away from your parent’s home cooking, the author clearly understands college students and the challenges they face as they pursue higher education. As a father of a daughter in college who is concerned about staying healthy, I picked up this book to see if it might be something that would interest her. After reading it I immediately gifted her a copy.”

~ Amberwood

What an easily digestible handbook…

“What an easily digestible handbook on navigating through the obstacles of that first year of college! The Freshman 15 Survival Guide is a must read for the student and/or the parent who wants to give sane, non-hysterical advice. The pamphlet is easy to read, full of truly practical tips, culminating in easy, fun recipes. I love the way it never preaches, while pragmatically addressing the very real challenges of staying healthy. and the truth is the wisdom is valuable for anyone who needs a little reminder on how simple it really is to stay on the healthy side of things. I would absolutely recommend this!”

~ TK