Valerie Remy-Milora provides Moms the inspiration and tools to live balanced, bold and beautiful lives, with passion, purpose and joy.  She is a personal trainer and aerial fitness instructor, an author, coach and public speaker, and the founder of Scrumptious Moms, a leading internet resource for successful Moms who refuse to put career ahead of family.

Born and raised in Paris, France Valerie is the daughter of a French father and Mexican-American mother. She came to the US to attend Middlebury College and earned a degree in Chinese and Political Science in the hopes of becoming a diplomat.  But she quickly discovered that politics was not her calling and, upon graduation, moved to Los Angeles to begin what proved to be a stellar career as a film and video editor.

Five years later, with an impressive string of music videos to her credit from artists such as Air Supply, Nirvana and Foreigner, plus many Fortune 100 clients including Apple, Intel and Yahoo, Valerie opened Pixel Jungle, Inc. – her own boutique editorial facility. The decision to build Pixel Jungle was sparked largely by her desire to become a mom.

Long days and impossible deadlines are commonplace in the film and video industry and not exactly ideal for a healthy family life.  Valerie was determined to strike a fine balance between career and motherhood. The facility included a nursery and a full time nanny. She found that by bridging her two passions she was even more creative and productive.

Ten years later, after the birth of her third daughter, she branched out to building a non-profit organization, and honed her online marketing talents by creating a successful subscription membership site for a world-famous martial arts guru.

A successful entrepreneur with three beautiful daughters, Valerie appeared healthy, fit and happy.   But behind closed doors things were not quite as rosy.  For over 15 years she battled migraines, without knowing the cause and even less a solution.  She decided to find the answers on her own, and embarked on an amazing journey into nutrition and health.  She devoured books on nutrition, hydration, natural remedies, neuroscience and more, attended seminars and consulted with a variety of experts.  She also began training with some of Hollywood’s top personal trainers and completely redefined her vision of an effective fitness program.

Valerie conquered her migraines and in the process discovered her new calling:  to empower moms everywhere to live vibrantly healthy lives and truly savor time with their loved ones.  Valerie believes that a healthy mom raises a healthy family, and that taking care of oneself is not a luxury but a necessity for raising confident and successful children.

Through programs such as The 5 Pillars of the Scrumptious Life, and The 30 Day Shift & Slimdown, Valerie helps moms navigate the complex world of motherhood and to parent from a place of abundance and strength.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband of 26 years and their three beautiful daughters. The family enjoys an active life style, regularly indulging in such activities as hiking, rock climbing, and skiing.  Valerie is an avid cook and a craft enthusiast.

Her credo: Life is a precious gift to be cherished and relished.  Respect yourself. Nurture your Mind, Body and Soul and live Boldly and Beautifully!